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The "Extreme Luxury" Kit #2
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The "Extreme Luxury" Kit #2

The "Extreme Luxury" Kit #2

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For campers who like to shower in top of the line surroundings the "Extreme Luxury" Propane Kit Series represents the ultimate in outdoor hot shower gear. This kit includes the Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower, the sturdy and versatile Teepe Shower and Outhouse with Aluminum Poles, a privacy tent at the top of its game in terms of quality and design. Also included is an 8oz bottle of Sierra Dawn Original Campsuds bio-degradable, all-purpose cleaner, and the Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel in Large.
Paha Que Tepee Shower & Outhouse with Aluminum Poles
From the company with the funny name known for its high quality family camping tents, say “Paha Que” (meaning “Aloha,” among other things) to the Paha Que Tepee with Aluminum Poles. Designed to provide the campsite privacy for showering and toilet use we all desire, the Teepee features 67" vertical walls, floor measurements of 54" x 54", and a peak that reaches 94,” so it's big enough to accommodate the tallest of users. Further creature comforts designed to enhance the comfort of the human creatures who use it include a "no-see-um" mesh roofing and bottom side panels to encourage ventilation (especially important when toilet use is in progress). The all-important water drainage (because nobody wants to stand in a pool of dirty water when showering) is achieved by the detachable, heavy duty flooring that also keeps the bugs out. Finally, because if it's a hassle to set it up, it's not worth it, the Tepee comes with a 5 minute, 1 person set-up promise with instructions sewn inside the lightweight, portable carry bag. Coming in at a slightly higher price point than the Tepee with Fiberglass Poles, the Tepee with Aluminum Poles is preferred by some campers because aluminum is lighter and more resistant to splitting. So whatever your preference, say “Paha Que” to a Paha Que’ Tepee on your next camping trip.

Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower
With the Zodi Extreme, the name says it all: an extremely efficient, extremely portable hot shower that produces 100°F water in 10 minutes, thanks to its powerful 10,000 BTU propane stove. Made of quality stainless steel, the sleekly designed Extreme features a 6ft shower hose, a temperature thermometer, a brass ON/OFF water valve, and a padded gear bag for neat storage and transport. Use it to take continuous hot showers or as a cooking stove to heat up your dinner. Whatever it's used for, the Extreme Hot Shower makes getting away from it all comfortable and easy.

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The "Extreme Luxury" Kit #2