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Solar Camping Showers

Solar Powered Portable Shower: Convenient, Economical and Environment-Friendly

When you want to travel light in the outdoors but donít want to give up the convenience and luxury of hot water, solar camping showers are the way to go.

Extremely simple in design, the most common types of solar powered shower for camping (or any outdoor activities) are constructed of a black, heat absorbing material that uses the sunís rays to heat the water inside the shower bag or container. After few hours left in direct sunlight, youíve got an instant hot shower or hot water for doing dishes. With no need for an energy source, solar showers are the most eco-friendly form of heating water on the go.

Solar camp showers come in a variety of types with the 2-2.5 gallon capacity solar shower bag the most common and economical. Camping Shower World carries a large selection of solar shower bags including popular brands like Advanced Elements, Seattle Sports and Stearns.

Other types of solar camp showers have pressurized systems equipped with a pump and are usually designed to be transported in a vehicle since theyíre more bulky than shower bags and must be plugged into the vehicleís power outlet to run the pump. They also carry a larger price tag than a shower bag but are more efficient and donít require as much effort to operate. Camping Shower World carries unique pressurized solar showers that you wonít find in other stores such as the Big Kahuna Shower, the Road Shower and the Spray Box.

A Solar Powered Portable Shower is great for camping, fishing, hunting, sailing, washing pets, beach excursions, hiking trips and more.