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Helton Hot Water Kit

Helton Hot Water Kit

Item Code: HELHW1KIT

The compact and efficient Helton Hot Water Kit is a unique hot water system that harnesses the heating power of your car’s engine to produce hot water anywhere. Designed to simulate a home hot water supply, the output temperature of the Helton is approximately 160° F, making it the hottest unit available for camping, fishing or wherever hot water is required away from home. It uses a copper heat exchanger that is heated by the engine’s coolant as it passes from the engine to the radiator and in turn transfers the heat to the passing water. Water is pumped from any water source - container, lake, river - through the heat-exchanger to the delivery hose, which ends with an attached showerhead. A temperature regulator valve is included to control the heat output so it can be used for a shower. Best of all, the Helton Hot Water is designed to be permanently mounted under the hood of your car so there’s no need to pack and unpack heavy water heaters: you simply get in your car and go. Use it to wash dishes, vehicles, and around camp. .

Specs & Features
• Heats water near the operating temperature of the vehicle - between 160°F and 180°F.
• Includes a temperature regulator valve to control the output so it can be used for a shower.
• Heat exchanger manufactured of 100% copper for maximum thermal efficiency and extreme durability.
• Heat exchanger features a one piece heater line with no internal joins.
• Heat exchanger tube ends form the hose barbs so there are no fittings to screw in and no joins to leak.
• Easy installation to any water-cooled engine and can be completed in under an hour in most cases.
• The shower water does not mix with radiator water or coolant
• Ideal for cleaning dishes and other extended hot water needs.
** Be Careful: The hot water system produces scalding water when the valve is fully open. Make sure to adjust the temperature regulation valve and test before showering. **

Weight: 10 lbs
Included in box
• 1 X Heat Exchanger
• 1 X Shower head and Pump
• Temperature Control Valve
• 1 X Bumper Bracket Fitting Kit
• 2 X Coolant Line T-Connector
• 1 X Storage Bag
** Please specify your size of heater hose in the "add to cart" box when ordering. 3/4" and 5/8" T-Connectors are available for your coolant lines. **

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