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The many benefits of Portable Camping Showers

Leaving civilization behind and spending three days in the wilderness roughing it can leave you wonderfully relaxed and not so wonderfully smelling. Lack of personal hygiene can ruin an outdoor expedition, but what's an avid outdoor enthusiast to do?

Three words: portable camping showers. They are the perfect solution for fishermen, campers, hikers, hunters, or anyone who needs a portable hygiene option. From a simple solar shower bag to a deluxe tent enclosure with propane heated instant hot water, camp showers can really enhance your outdoor experience.

Let's face it, it's hard to relax when you're sticky and dirty. After a hard day of playing in the outdoors, the fun of a wilderness vacation can be spoiled by that sticky, "I need a shower" feeling. Sweat, dirt, bug bites, bug sprays, and sunscreens are just a few of the things which can combine to make you very uncomfortable. After a long day of hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, or simply living outdoors, a warm shower can soothe tired, sore muscles and make your outdoor stay more pleasurable.

At Camping Shower World, we have all the equipment and accessories necessary for keeping clean while enjoying the great outdoors. We carry portable water heaters that are not only used for showering but are also useful for washing your vehicles, windows, dishes, pets, and horses. They are also indispensable as part of a preparedness kit when disaster strikes.

So next time you head out on an adventure or want to wash your boat or in dire need of hot water due to a power outage, always have your portable camp shower nearby and enjoy all the benefits of good, clean fun in the outdoors!

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